This app is aimed at people over 13 View more information on data this app collects

This app collects information from you so we can:

Give you the service you wanted

Security and Retention Control

The security of your personal information is extremely important. We take the following precautions to make sure it cannot be accessed or altered:

Industry standard Internal security protocols

aHeadsUp allows you to access, amend and/or delete your data. Here is how you do it:

All User data can be added or removed in the app.

This app does not includes adverts.


aHeadsUp includes measuring tools. We want to learn how you use the app so we can improve it in future updates.

The data is seen:

Only by us

We measure:

Your use of this app

Data Collection

User Details

Email address

Mobile device telephone no.

Device identifier
Device information (UDID)

MAC address

OS version
User files




Location Data

Fingerprint reader

Voice authentication
Health, medical or therapy information


Direct Marketing

From time to time, we might contact you via:


These may be sent:

By Ourselves
We may send them :

To you
If we send them to your contacts, they will be sent:

From you

We will ask for your consent when sending messages:

To your contacts

Location Services

aHeadsUp accesses your location so it can:

These may be sent:

Help the user navigate

Geo-tagging content (e.g photos)
It shares your location with:

To your selected contacts

Your device allows control whether this app accesses your location or not. Visit your device settings screen/s for more information.